1- Describe your favorite room

Every person has a room in the house that he/she feels comfortable in. Describe your favorite room and why do you like it.

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  1. My beautiful bedroom

    My bedroom is one of the best places in my house there I have my own privacy. it’s the place where I relax and do what ever I want . I have a big closet it is as big as a giant, and a colorful mat it is like a rainbow. When I want to sleep in my bed I feel very cozy as if I don’t have any big problems or detentions. After I am done all my work I go sit on the couch you can’t see how puffy it is it is like a cloud, and imagine how big is the t.v it is like a cinema screen.

    My bedroom is the best thing god gave me , I wish you liked it.

  2. Favourite Room

    My Favourite room in the family’s house is a living room . I’m spend most of the time at there with my family and we talking , watching TV , drinking coffee and tea and eating together . I’m taking a rest in it when I ill , tired , feeling so badly and then I relaxing , feeling better and so happing , don’t ask me why because I didn’t have the full answer to make me and you understand that feeling . I wish in the future when I got married I have a living room at my home and feeling happy when I set in it just like a living room in my family’s house .

  3. My bedroom is one of the three master bedrooms in our house, its the place where I have privacy and the place where I can retreat when I’m tired. My bedroom is the second largest bedroom in our house ,And I love my bedroom so much and now I will describe it as well as I can. When you open the door the bathroom is in front of you and there is an arch where you enter to the main bedroom. The ground is made of white grayish marble , my bed and curtains are American style, they’re white with black flower chiffon curtains. There is a white & black blankets with some colored points , and my bed size is queen with tow pillows and lots of black and white cushions. There is a wall sconce in the wall that is behind my bed, And at the corner there are tow sectional sofa and a rounded table in between. My dressing table is full of my perfumes , make up and accessories, and in the wall that’s near of the dresser there is a wall clock , and there is a stand in left of the clock. I tried to give you a simple description of my favorite room , hope that you like my bedroom the place when I rest lots of my time.

  4. Having your own  bedroom is not easy in a big family . I live in a small apartment consists of five rooms. So one of the best options is to stay with my younger cute sister . I’ll try to give a full description of my bed room . It is my favorite place .

    I am a big fan of my bedroom because my mother let me do what I wanted with it . So I painted it purple and put up lots of pictures on the head of my bed . The ground is made of white marble and in the middle there is a purple rug with yellow and light purple flowers . My curtains are expensive . They are light purple . My wardrobe  is big but it isn’t mirrored . 
    My bed is single with one pillow and  two purple and navy pink cushions and there are two side table on each side of the bed . On them I put a picture of my parents and beautiful ornaments  .  My bed is covered with bright and shine duvets that Mach with my room color.
    At the corner there is a big sofa . it’s my favorite place in my room where are I usually watch TV and compete with my younger sister with play station . 

    My dressing table next to my wardrobe.   It’s full of my make up , perfumes , accessories and jewelry . On the top of my dressing table there are two white shelves . On them there are two big colored boxes . 
    On the corner of my desk  , I put my laptop and my printer ., on the top of my disk , there are three boxes hanging on the wall .  I put magazines and stories and the other one you can see amazing dolls , and the third one there is a box full of pens,pencils,and stationary .

    I hope you like my bed room the place where I rest , relax and study.

    In the name of Allah…
    My favorite room in the house is the living room. There I spend most of my time watching T.V with my family, I even I study there sometimes. Basically it’s a very simple room, and as you walk in to it you will see the T.V on your left hanging to the wall ,and there is that small tea tables under the T.V and just in Front of it there is a large window overlooking a very beautiful view and of course there is sofas all around the room .but sometimes there is some people who love to drink the Arabic coffee on the floor so that’s why we have a very large and comfortable carpet in the middle of the room .

  6. My Room is my mirror…
    I had got this room two years ago when we move back from our old house. I really love that room, because I choose every single detail in it. I’m sharing it with my younger sister who’s completely different with me in everything.
    When you got in the room you will see some of me in every corner in that room, in the right of your hand there is tow big bed with light yellow wood Headboard and there is a small rose paint in top of it you can see Untidy bed with a few stuffed doll and three different shapes of pillow that one is mine, I know you didn’t expect that but that is the truth , in front of it there is small green armchair with a lot of bags and clothe actually I don’t think we use it for setting we just but anything that is no place for it in that armchair and that make Mom very angry , because we have already a clothes room, any way there is also medium carpet in the left said of the room it the same color for the armchair , after it you will see near of the wall an Oval-shaped mirror with big dresser that the only thing orderly in my room because I don’t use it, I use the big mirror in the clothes room .Three step away from the dresser and there is our Wonderful office near of the window I set there almost of my time doing my homework , reading a book , using internet and even is there nothing to do I just sit there quiet lesson to a song . The wall is the gorgeous when you set on the office you can see that fair dark orange which make you vigorous and happy and when you sit on the bed you can see that light creamy yellow and that make you relax and feeling comfortable and the other two walls actually have a wall paper in it with many small kind of flower. I really adore my Room and I’m thankful for I have it “Thanks God”

  7. This is an editing for my writing homework because I forget to write some words , I’m sorry for my mistake

    In my home there are five rooms . One of these rooms is my favorite one and I spend most of my time in it that room is my bed room . When you enter to my bedroom which I shared it with my younger sister you’ll find a spacious room , quiet and purple wall . First thing you’ll see when you enter that a nice and comfortabale sofa and beside it a small closet where I put my books and some other stuff . And on your left there are tow beds , one of them is mine and the other it’s my sister bed . And in front You there are other part of the room , on the right there are a dressing table with a big mirror and on it you can find a hair brush and some make-up . Then on the left you’ll see a door of the clothes room . And that is all thing about my room I hope that you like it .

  8. My favorite room at my house it is the living room . it is has a green walls , quiet mood , good lighting in addition it is so big , that is why I feel comfortable in this room . the room is divided to two parts , the first part you can find dining table , cupboard furniture with a big mirror . we always eat together on dining table especially at the weekend . The second part you will see a TV , sofas , my lap- top . To all this reasons I love to stay in this room because I can do everything I want in it like : watching TV , eating , using enter net and another things .

    • My favorite room at my house is the living room . It has green walls , quiet mood , good lighting and it is so large . That is why I feel comfortable in it . The room is divided into two parts . In the first part , you can find a dining table and cupboards that have big mirrors on top . We always eat together at the dining table especially at the weekend . Where at the second part , you will see a TV , sofas and my lap-top . For all these reasons I love to stay in this room a lot . Because , I can do everything I want there , like watching TV , eating , using internet and other things .

      ^.^ I have reviewed Afnan’s paragraph and corrected what I thought is needed to give us a better meaning to it ^.^

  9. My most favorite room in my home is my bedroom because it’s very Comfortable . I have a large bed , wardrobe and closet . I can do anything I want like studying , reading , dancing and watching movies , I love horror movies :) . I also have a bathroom inside my bedroom , this is a wonderfull thing for me , I don’t like to share the bathroom with my brothers . I like our living room , I sit with my family , watching TV and we have a nice sofa .

  10. I love setting in my Bed room , I feel so comfortable when I’m in there . My color room is red , black and white crown . These color make me feel quietly and relaxed . I always loved vaporizing my room by incense , the smell of incense help me to focus , study and relax . In my room I have everything I want . I have my private office , I have a beautiful black furniture . I don’t have a lot of lights because I don’t like it , I like a little of lights .. it’s make the weather so romantic , quietly and relax ! . I have a very large headphones , I open it when I want to listen to the music .. I spend most of my time in my room . everyone in my home if them wanted me they will find me in my LOVELY room .
    If you visit my room you will feel a nice feeling and I’m sure for it .

  11. My Favorite Room
    I like my bedroom a lot because it quiet and more comfortable room .
    There is a big bed in the midst of the room . Right the bed there is a small bookcase and above it I put my fish in small glass . I have a nice sofa in the
    left of the bed and a window above it . My wardrobe very big and it has wide drawers . The walls are yellow and in the floor small carpet . I love see my
    room clean so I cleaned every day .

  12. Everyone has a room that tend to stay in more than other rooms. My favorite room is my bedroom, such a wonderful place I have. My room is painted with white, It makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. The most thing I like is my bed it’s a full size bed and covered with red sheets. And on the other side of the room I have a small screen hanged on the wall, which I enjoy watching my favorite movies and TV shows. Something I always like to do is placing all my stuff under my bed when I go to sleep, like my laptop, ipod, and my cellphone. And right behind my bed is the room window, which has sparkly purple curtains.
    My room is my absolute favorite room in the house, It’s where I study and relax. I enjoy my room and I enjoy doing pretty much anything as long as it’s in my room.

  13. There are many beautiful rooms in my house , but my favourite one is my bedroom . In the corner, there are a comfortable bed , a nightstand and a lamp . In the middle ,there is a circle rug . On the rug , there is a table . Also there is a plazma on the wall opposite the bed . I like to watch sport and news channels in it . Next to the plazma there is a pink wardrobe.The color paint of the room is white . I like my bedroom very much because it is comfortable, relax and I feel happy in it . It is my special kingdom I feel iike a queen in it. I think it is the best room in the house . I always invite my friends in it and have a lot of fun together .

  14. My Favorite Room

    i live in lovely house with my mother.My favorite room is my bedroom، it is the place where i feel comfortable, It is a small but Beautiful .The walls have a purple color all around, except for the ceiling, which is pink. The bed is in the middle of the room ,surrounded by two drawers and large wardrobe.On the floor i have this colorful carpet near my little sofa .The lighting in my room is dim because it is make me feel calm .i love my room I find myself in it

    • I live in a lovely house with my mother. My favorite room is my bedroom، it is the place where i feel comfortable, It is small and Beautiful .The walls have a purple color all around, except for the ceiling, which is pink. The bed is in the middle of the room ,surrounded by two drawers and large wardrobe.On the floor i have this colorful carpet near my little sofa .The lighting in my room is dim because it makes me feel calm .I love my room and I find myself in It.

    • I live in lovely house with my mother . My favorite room is my bedroom . It is the place where I feel comfortable . It is small but beautiful .The walls are purple , except the pink ceiling . My bed is in the middle of the room , surrounded by two drawers and large wardrobe . On the floor I have this colorful carpet near my little sofa .The lighting in my room is dim because it is make me feel calm . I love my room I find myself in it

  15. My name is Rania Alsiyami I’m 18 years old and I have a nice house because I really like my bedroom it’s my favourite room . My room is big it’s in second floor . The walls are blue and I have a lots of fun posters . I spend most of my time for doing some exercise, playing, watching TV and doing my homework . I using laptop to check and send e-mails to my friends . And it’s have my comfortable bed to get some rest and sleep ..

  16. My Favorite Room
          I like my living room. They are two rooms opened together, so that they make it bigger. In one of them there are comfortable sofas.
         On the right side on the wall we put a big picture with a beautiful Arabic calligraphy.  We have got two wooden shelves at the corner, one of them has a family picture frame and the other we put our phones on it. In front of the room, there is a big plasma, standing on a chest of drawers. Beside that, there is a door and a tall mirror.
         The window is behind, so the sunshine cover all the living room, and that is so lovely !
          In this cozy room, We always do homework, watch TV, or just chatting. And sometimes we eat a breakfast in.

  17. I love my bedroom because I join it with my sister. In fact I have no entertainment in it ,I just love it because it`s comfortable and I have more privacy in it than the other rooms in our house, and I do all my activities like reading , memorization ,doing homeworks ,search on the internet, read Quran ,pray and my favorite thing is sleeping . I have a section in my room that I keep all my gifts that I took it from my school and friends .It`s my own kingdom that I do whatever I want at any time like cleaning , sleeping.I hope in the future that I could have own room !!

  18. My Secret Garden
    On a green soft grasses I was lying, with a bird tweet ,with green trees behind me, some air breeze I was gazing of the white light , and beautiful big mirror which makes me feel confidence of myself and makes me look beautiful . IN FACT !!
    Soft grasses is my bed with a green sheet cover and the birds is the birds in my window , the trees which is behind me is a wall paper draw on it many green trees , the air breeze is absolutely from the AC , finally the mirror which I’m dressed in front of it before out
    This how I see my room ..
    It’s very comfortable and warm it has a white design so it is comfortable to eye
    All my family like to spend a lot of time in my room some time I feel my room is living room., I’m happy for that my family spend the time with me because of it, so it’s my lovely room

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  19. Noise, Active, Room
    I like all rooms in my home . I feel very comfortable in any rooms in my home but I have one favorites’ room . It is living room. It is located in center of home. Living room contains a three sofas and two armchairs with LCD TV on the wall and disk for business office. I like to spend all my time in the living room and get a relaxing on the sofa, drink cup of tea and chatting with family, or reading a book. I prefer the living room because it gives me a family feeling. In my opinion, home without a living room like the body without the spirit.

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